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How To Winterize Your Roof

Your roof is all that stands between you and an icy winter chill. It’s exposed to Mother Nature’s worst, and that affects more than just your internal climate. Ice-cracked gutters and HVAC inefficiency can cost you precious funds, so winterizing your roof will not only keep you cozy, but it will save you money as well. Your strategy should include:


Fixing Weak Spots

Your roofing system is only as effective as its weakest points. The elements will exploit any route they can find into your house, so your winterization plan will need to identify loose or worn shingles. Pests are just as destructive, so any signs of intrusion must be dealt with before a minor invasion becomes a permanent infestation. If you have a tile roof, we’ll perform a manual inspection for visible damage, both outside and in.


Cutting Back Tree Branches

Even the smallest of limbs can do lasting damage to your shingles. They can cause dents upon impact and put your roof under more pressure than it can withstand. When healthy limbs are torn down by the wind and rain, they can cause even more destruction, so this stage of your strategy will include all branches small and large, old and young.



Roofs and gutters are prone to algae and mold, which, in turn, produce toxins and allergens when they spread to your interior. As the temperature drops, that growth can make its way through your roof and into your shingles, where algae sets down roots. Debris’ effect on your gutters is just as drastic. Blockages allow water to pool, causing bulges and ice dams. That can lead to cracks in freezing temperatures, which can expose your roofing. Your gutters also preserve your insulation and foundation. When they aren’t intact, both can slowly disintegrate, ultimately setting your entire house off-center. Your gutters must be cleared before the first snow of the season.


Checking Attic Insulation

One of Mother Nature’s easiest routes into your home is through your attic. This space forms a barrier between your roof and the rest of your home, so insulation failures can wear heavily on your HVAC system. It’s almost impossible to keep your home warm when your attic insulation isn’t doing its job correctly, so when we winterize, we make sure everything is functioning as it should. Attic insulation is prone to moisture and mold, so we’ll remove damp materials before ensuring that your loose-fill materials are distributed well. Then we’ll add or replace insulation to fill the gaps. This is one of the easiest ways to cut your utility bills, so it’s important to reach ENERGY STAR’s recommended R-levels for the Mid-Atlantic region.


Roof Inspection

Roofing deaths account for almost 100 of the 5,250 annual work-related fatalities, so doing your own inspections is a serious hazard. If you’re an avid handyman, it’s tempting to fetch a ladder and spend the morning checking tiles, but it only takes one misstep to create a medical crisis. Even professionals keep roof walking to a minimum, but visual inspections remain the only way to track damage accurately. If you haven’t had a roof inspection in the last year, it’s time to schedule one. Your roof should be inspected a minimum of twice a year, ideally before spring and fall.


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