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Why Is My New Roof Leaking?

Investing in a new roofing system can be quite exciting but pretty expensive at the same time. A new roof installation can give your home a new look and feel, adding significantly to your home’s curb appeal.

But installing a new roof is not just about visual aesthetics; it’s also meant to give your home the strength and durability necessary to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it.

By installing a new roof, it’s natural to expect all these advantages from your new roof. Therefore, there’s probably nothing more frustrating than experiencing roofing issues, like leaking, shortly after installing your new roof.

A new roof that’s leaking is a combination of poor workmanship and cheap materials. This is why it’s important to not go for the contractor that underquotes you, they could be inexperienced, unsure how long roofing installation takes, or the best materials to use.

At Certified Roofing, we will always provide you with a thorough roofing quote, transparent advice, and professional roofing services. If your new roof is leaking, don’t hesitate to call Certified Roofing.


Why Your New Roof Is Leaking


Your Shingles Were Incorrectly Installed

If your shingles are not accurately installed, there may be gaps between the roofing materials that will allow water to get in and soak through. If you’re unlucky enough for rain or snow to come by during this time, then these poorly installed shingles can easily fall off with no hope whatsoever, leaving a gaping hole where one was originally supposed to keep out the precipitation.

Your roofing materials need to be correctly installed and tightly fastened onto your roof for you to reap the benefits.


Your Flashing Isn’t Properly Installed

The point of roof flashing is to guide water away from critical points in your roofing system. These areas include the area around your chimney, skylights, and vents.

If it is not installed correctly, this may lead to water seeping into your home and damaging its interior.


Your Gutter System Is Faulty

Your gutter system is one of the most important features on your roof that help to protect your roof and home from water damage. If your gutter system hasn’t been installed improperly or is clogged due to a build-up of dirt and debris, there may be an increase in standing water on your roof. This often leads to leaking.

When installing a new roof, always make sure that your gutter system is in working order.


Your Roof Deck Is In Poor Condition

There may be leaking in your home due to your roof deck being in poor condition. If you’ve just had a new roof installed and there’s still leaking occurring, the chances are that your shingles were installed on a dysfunctional roof deck.

Roofers should be sure to inspect your home’s roof deck before installing the new material on it.


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